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A free simple tool to create all possible combinations of a keyword or phrase (See all)
David John Thomas

Keyword Transformer Personal Edition is a free simple tool that automates the tedious process of writing all the possible combinations of a single keyword or a phrase. The program offers you a series of possible transformations based on professional e-commerce strategies (removal of duplicate spaces, characters, square brackets, and double quotes; keyboard proximity mistakes; missed and swapped characters, etc.). Following your preferences, this tool will automatically create a list of all the alternate spellings of a word or group of words that you can then use as keywords when advertising your products on the web.

Though you are free to use the output keyword list in any way that fits your purpose, this tool has been clearly designed with Google AdWords Editor in mind. In fact, some of the output criteria available accurately resemble the keyword formats used by Google’s editor and its web interface. Thus, you can create output variations of your keywords using the broad match, phrase match, and exact match criteria (wrapping the input words and phrases in quotes and square brackets).

Together with these variations, this tool includes other transformation criteria based on common and documented misspelling mistakes that may occur when typing. According to this, Keyword Transformer will remove spaces, will create deliberate keyboard proximity errors (based on the QUERTY keyboard), duplicated and missed characters mistakes, as well as swapped characters misspellings. The number of possible variations will depend on the criteria selected and the number of words present in the keyword phrase. You can tell the program to perform that calculation before creating your lists, so that you can decide beforehand how exhaustive you want your advertising strategy to be.

If needed, this tool can also be used as a basic text editor. This free personal edition can be upgraded by purchasing the professional version, which comes with added functionality that makes the whole keyword creation process even easier.

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